Boxengo a smart solution

BOXENGO is a urban evolution of storage and removals! We will give you a smart solution to your space and moving problems.

If you need space and you don’t know where to put your stuff , we pick it up, store it and bring it back!

How it works:

  • We bring BOXENGO to your address and we drop it at your doorstep.
  • We load all your items into BOXENGO handling them with care.
  • You lock your BOXENGO and you, only you, will hold the keys!
  • We store BOXENGO in our secure storage hub.
  • We return BOXENGO to you when you need.
  • We help you unloading your stuff to release BOXENGO.

Its’ never been easier!

Boxengo takes care of your furniture and goods, moving them with the utmost care and with a dedicated and professional staff!

  • Free access at your BOXENGO giving a 24-hours notice
  • Delivery of your BOXENGO whenever you want.
  • Specialist Manpower to hire
  • Packaging material to hire or purchase
  • Removal and relocation

Call us! +39 06 69 333 667

BOXENGO: we pack move en store !

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